Competitions focussing on various aspects of photography are held among the society members throughout the year. All members regardless of skill level are encouraged to participate.

Competition Entry Rules
  • Entries for the Society’s Competitions can consist of a maximum of 2 Prints and 3 Digital Images for projection for each category. It is advisable to enter as large a print as possible within the limits set.
  • All print entries to be mounted using a maximum size of mount of 50 x 40 cm., and will include a Society Membership number, Title of Entry and Category being entered but not the member’s name.
  • Digital files should be jpegs with a maximum of 1024 pixels horizontally by a maximum of 768 pixels vertically. They should be given an appropriate title and should start with your membership number followed by ‘P’ or ‘D’ (P=Print-D=Digital) then your title in capitals followed by by name e.g. 12 P VIEW FROM SNOWDON by Phil Holmes
  • Entries to be handed in to the Competition Secretary on or before the date specified in the programme. Digital entries and copies of print images that are being entered, can be sent by email to Roy Lloyd at (see how to name files above.)
  • When projected images are handed in, a digital copy of all print images that are being entered should also be included.
  • Each image can only be entered for one competition and for one category i.e. print or projected images.
  • Any image can be entered only once into competitions during the membership of the member. Images previously entered into any competition, including little gems, will be disqualified.
Important Dates

15th January 2018 – Entries required for the ‘Portrait Competition’

29th January 2018 – ‘Portrait Competition’ – Judge:- Graham Gage

12th February 2018 – Entries required for ‘Nature’ Competition

5th February 2018 – Entries required for the ‘YPU Exhibition’

26th February 2018 – ‘Nature Competition’ – Judge:- Jim Edwards

12th March 2018 – Entries required for ‘AV show’ Competition

26th March 2018 – ‘Audio Visual Competition’ – Judge:- Keaton Roebuck

9th April 2018 – Entries required for ‘Photojournalism/Action Competition’

23rd April 2018 – ‘Photojournalism/Action Competition’ Judge:- Howard Tate MA(Phot) ARPS AFIAP

3rd September 2018 – ‘President’s Trophy Competition’ – Judging will take place on the night by members of the Society. 

10th September 2018 – Entries required for  ‘Landscape Competition’

24th September 2018 – ‘Landscape Competition’ – Judge:- Martin Litchfield CPAGB

8th October 2018 – Entries required for ‘B&W Competition’

22nd October 2018 – ‘Brian Pulman’ Black and White Competition – Judge:- Stephen Dean LRPS

5th November 2018 – Entries required for ‘Open Competition’.

19th November 2018 – ‘Open Competition’- Judge:- Stephanie Cook LRPS DPAGB EFIAP – Entries required for ‘Architecture/Record Competition’

3rd December 2018 – ‘Architecture & Record Competition’ – Judge:- Erica Oram CPAGB AFIAP BPE2

17th December 2018 – ‘Three On A Theme Competition’ – Members are invited to bring along a 3 images related to one subject/theme which are sized 7″ x 5″ mounted or unmounted and enter them into this popular competition. Judging will take place on the night by members of the Society.